A little over two weeks ago, I purchased an Eye-Fi card, not that it was on my wish list, but I wanted to try one since reading about it in a photography magazine some time ago. Alas, none of my cameras were compatible with the Eye-Fi card – so I thought – until now. In walked the Olympus OM-D E-M5; actually, the OM-D kicked the door in and sat down.

I purchased my card from my favorite on-line photography retailer, B&H Photo in NY, and as always anything I order before 4:00 p.m. that day is sitting on my desk by 10:00 a.m. the next morning; but I had to wait until I got home before the fun could begin.

What is an Eye-Fi card?

It’s a secure digital (SD) wireless memory card that uploads photos taken with a digital camera directly to a computer, mobile phone, or over 25 on-line photo sharing websites!  It operates like a regular SD memory card and eliminates the need to connect the camera (or SD card) to the computer for uploading.

If I had several hundred photos to upload at one time, I would insert the memory card into my computer for faster uploading and to save battery power.

The Eye-Fi installation process was easy, but getting the files uploaded to my computer took me a minute to figure out. Usually, I shoot in RAW format – not because I’m a RAW snob and think anything other than RAW is inferior – to get the most detail out of my images when processing.

When I purchased the card I bought the Eye-Fi card that uploads JPEGS only, there is a card that can upload RAW files as well, and after I took my first photo (in RAW format) nothing happened.

It wasn’t until I switched my camera setting to JPEG format that I realized my mistake and then everything worked as it should.  Fortunately, my camera can record JPEGS and RAW files simultaneously so I am not missing out on anything, but the RAW files will need to be uploaded manually.

Next, I configured the Eye-Fi card and software to transfer uploads to two additional devices besides my computer: my mobile phone and my iTouch.  Switching between devices is as easy as pressing a button.

Primarily, I have the card configured to upload files to my mobile phone. Additional copies are also uploaded online to a site of my choosing and also an on-line Eye-Fi site.  Yes, my mobile phone has a camera but it’s crap.

A word of caution: Be careful about what is photographed and made public until one is familiar or has customized the settings of their preferred share site. Uploads can be very quick and we wouldn’t want anyone to see anything that was meant for private eyes.

After I played with the Eye-Fi card for less than an hour I was on the fence about keeping it, mostly due to user error, but I worked out the kinks and I’m glad I decided to keep it.  It’s not for everyone, but if your camera is compatible, it’s definitely worth having at least one Eye-Fi card in your camera bag.  It’s impossible to run out of memory and once all the files have been uploaded I receive an email that the transfer was complete.

Contrary to my prior belief the Eye-Fi card is compatible with over 1,000 cameras, but before purchasing double-check their website to see if your camera is on the list.

If I had to give this photo accessory a grade I’d give it an F for fun.  I think it’s great I can take a photo with my camera and a few seconds later it’s uploaded.  It also saves me the time of having to do anything after pressing the shutter. Uploading is instant and automatic and photos can be shared to an on-line site instead of emailing or tweeting individual pictures.  Share a link and people can view your photos as they are taken.

Verdict: Buy it, you won’t regret it!

This is not a paid review. I wrote it because I enjoy using the card, not to mention my blog was suffering from neglect. If you enjoyed this review a simple way to say “thank you” is to use my referral links when making your next purchase.  Thanks in advance.

5 thoughts on “Eye-Fi Review

  1. Val, what an excellent review!

    Clear, easy to read, and informative!

    I checked the link you left to see if my Nikon is compatible with this card, but it’s not :(.

    But that’s okay, because I saw the one listed that I want to purchase, so when I do…I’ll be able to use this card – YAHOO!

    Thanks so much for sharing, girl. I always learn so much about photography from you!


    1. thanks, ron. i am not much of a reviewer at all, but i’m really excited about this little card. it’s amazing and i can’t believe i waited so long to purchase it.

      say what now? your camera is not compatible. what model of nikon do you own? question, why do you want to purchase another camera? i’m curious.

      thanks for stopping by.

      1. The model I have is a Nikon Coolpix L22, which is a point and shoot. And the reason I would LOVE to purchase another camera is because I want something a bit more advanced; something that I can play around with and adjust things without having to use auto-adjust. I would like to learn more about using a camera.


        1. but, ron, but ron, it DOES work with your current camera. take a looksee http://support.eye.fi/cameras/nikon/coolpix_l22

          but if you want another camera i totally understand. i change them quite often myself, but i believe i am done since i have my OMD.

          ah, well there are plenty of cameras out there to accommodate you. i won’t mention a brand because it really doesn’t matter and is more of a personal choice, but get anything with manual controls and you’ll be good to go.

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