I was 17 when I received my first film camera, a Canon AE-1.

I was obsessed with wanting to know how to use it so I read the manual and everything about photography I could find.

It wasn’t long before I realized I was a natural when it came to photography and people enjoyed viewing my photographs.

They said I have “an eye” for photography; it was second nature to me.

I learned enough to photograph weddings and supplied headshots to models, still while using film.

I didn’t have the luxury of digital photography back then, but that was fine, I loved it.

Eventually, I jumped on the digital bandwagon and into bringing the ordinary to life. That’s a phrase I created because I photographed anything that moved or didn’t move.

I found the most ordinary objects or scenery and turned it into works of art. Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

I love the connection, the feelings and emotions people express when they view my photography.

After 25 years, I continue to have this love and passion for photography and my current focus has shifted to pet and portrait photography.

People are more comfortable and genuine in their own surroundings, especially pets, which is why I come to you.

I capture your pet being themselves.

I capture ‘the real you’.

I show your personality.

I want people to look at a portrait of you and feel it’s you. Be you on purpose!

Posed shots are great, but sometimes a candid portrait tells a better story.

For people who know me, this photo I took of myself (myselves) explains me in a nutshell.  No way could a posed photo do this!

Whatever you desire, I can get the job done. I work one on one with my clients to get an understanding of the type of photographs they want me to capture until it’s done.

I follow up with an in-person photo slideshow to help you decide which photos you’d like to purchase and finally, I’ll deliver the prints right to your front door.

You can get an entire photo shoot without leaving home.

If you’re ready to hire me, schedule a session with me and see for yourself.

Stick around because I’ll be sharing some of my photoshoots, photography tips and giving away free t-shirts, ebooks and more.



More about the person behind the camera:

I love to clean, but I hate cleaning the kitchen.

When I was a kid, people used to run into me with their bike. A lot. I guess I looked like a pole.

I LOVE making people laugh.

As a kid, I was too shy to wear anything that showed my belly button. Today, I can’t even find my belly button.

I’m afraid of butterflies and moths. I blame my brother for teasing me with peacock feathers when I was younger.

I’m into the two ears and one mouth thing. I listen more than I speak.

People think I’m quiet.

I love entertaining and having dinner parties. I plan everything from the menu to the music.

I used to sleep with the radio on at night.

I direct music videos in my head of my favorite songs as I listen to them. 

I enjoy running. I mostly walk.

I hate being cold, it makes me angry. I will never go skiing.

I’m bad at proofreading.

I love carrot cake, with nuts.

I love cookies, with nuts.

I usually type in lowercase, that’s my signature on the web. It makes people mad and I’m okay with that.

I used to put trash in the mailbox as a kid. Somehow, the mailman caught me and told my mom.

This was probably around the time in my life when my memory fades to black and those years are classified as an x-file.

I used to lock public bathrooms from the inside and then crawl out from under the space below. Once, I was busted by an elderly friend of the family and she made me crawl back under to unlock the door. I gave up doing stupid stuff until I could think of a better plan without getting caught. So far my record is 0-3,265.

Let’s have some fun with photography!

Before coffee selfie growl.