Bringing the Ordinary to Life



My love of photography began at the age of 17 when I was given a Canon AE-1P.

I knew nothing about photography and had no idea how to work my camera but read everything I could find on photography and taught myself the basics.

Eventually, I learned enough to be a portrait photographer for young models and even photographed several weddings. I also do interior and pet photography.

I am happy to say I have sold several prints to individuals and corporations. I hope you enjoy my artwork.



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Projects and Limitations
I was invited to participate in a 30-day photo challenge wherein the participants were asked to photograph and upload one photo a day based on...
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Which Camera Should You Buy?
Lots of people ask me what’s the best camera or camera brand to buy. Truth is, there really are no bad cameras, it’s more about...
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Copyright Protection
A woman on a fitness site I belong to posted a question in the forum asking how she could keep people from viewing her photos....
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